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Organically Grown 

and female owned since 2020

-   ABOUT US  -

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My name is Chrystal, I am the owner of City Girl Greens. I stumbled upon MICROGREENS when I was pregnant with my second child in the height of the pandemic. I was immediately curious and fascinated by the amazing flavours, textures and health benefits micros have to offer. I impulsively bought seeds, grow lights and racks.

After my first harvest I thought this would just become a healthy hobby to keep me busy on maternity leave and introduce my family to healthier foods. 6 farmer's markets later, City Girl Greens now has a loyal customer base, supplies multiple restaurants, works with private chefs, sponsored local events, has taught adult MICROGREENS classes and schools the importance of local food sources. I've had the pleasure of meeting so many fascinating customers, farmers and vendors who have all reinforced the belief that local agriculture and sustainability must become a focal point in all our lives.

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